Pennsylvania School Zone Crash Statistics

State of Pennsylvania School Zone Crashes

In the state of Pennsylvania, there were 82,962 crash related injuries in 2016 and 1188 fatalities. That same year, 462 people were involved in crashes that took place in school zones, resulting in 371 injuries and 6 fatalities.  There were 78 pedestrians involved in school zone crash incidents and six bicyclists. Crashes involved a school bus within a school zone 13.4% of the time (N=62), though there were 817 total crash incidents involving a school bus in 2016 in the state.


While the majority of the injuries were reported as minor (n=154, or 22.8%), 58 (16.8%) of the injuries were moderate, and 17 (3.7%) were major injuries. Four of those sustaining major injuries were pedestrians, and one crash resulted in a pedestrian fatality. (The remaining injuries were not categorized.)


The majority of crashes in school zones took place on Wednesdays (n=100), while the fewest took place on Sundays (n=26).


Crashes typically took place during the daylight hours, under good weather and lighting conditions.


The majority of crashes (98) took place in Philadelphia. Since this is the largest county in PA, this was not surprising; larger counties weren’t always where more crashes took place, however. For example, 3.5% of crashes in school zones occurred in Lackawanna (the 7th highest in school zone crashes), that had a population of 214,428, while other areas of similar size had only four or five crash incidents.


When taking into consideration number of vehicle miles traveled per year in the county, those with the highest rates of crashes in school zones (the top 25) are those in the chart below, with Northampton at the top of the list, followed by Philadelphia.

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